[art=ist Joerg Czischke *1945 †1997]

Special thanks to Ortwin Pahnke
Claudia von Velsen and Peter Zillig
for their invaluable contributions
to this project and its realisation.

The publisher wishes to thank
Christiane Botz, Ferruccio Colombo,
Oliver Foth, Dr. Uta F. Miksche,
Max von Velsen and Stefan Zillig
for their valuable advice and support.

Special thanks go out to all
who have loaned Czischke works
provided consent for their
reproduction and publication.

Magarethe Czischke-Sabata
Jörg Czischke

If you own any of Jörg Czischke’s work, or have information regarding where Czischke’s works are represented in either public or private collections, please let us know and send a picture if possible. We would be thankful for any tips that could help us locate his work.